Supporters Like You

Hear from supporters who partner with WNET and share our beliefs that facts matter and the arts and humanities bring us together.

Mark and Barry

Mark and Barry share why Channel 13 is an important part of their lives and how they are giving back with a gift in their estate plans to WNET.

Ed Mapp

Ed explains how leaving a gift in his estate plans to benefit WNET allowed him to create a legacy of education and ensures that his values live on in perpetuity.

Betsy Ashton

Hear about Betsy’s journey from television news personality to artist, and how she is securing the future of the arts in America through a gift to WNET.

“I want to know that after I’m gone, these values — and they’re American values — will still be present for the next generation.”

-Betsy Ashton

Bruce and Paul

Bruce and Paul explain how they are honoring their lifelong love for the arts through a gift in their will to WNET.


Hear from Carmen about how WNET helps her stay connected to her city and her world, and why she is a donor.

“Why Thirteen? Because it helps me explore my city and my world… I donate to Thirteen because — it’s partially selfish — I want to continue to see things that I find interesting for as long as possible!”


Peter Schwartz

I have been a loyal viewer of Thirteen since its inception. It has provided countless hours of enlightening and entertaining programming, taking on a myriad of subjects many of which are virtually unaddressed on commercial television. I would point to my favorite show FRONTLINE as a perfect example of consistently thought-provoking television not available anywhere but PBS. When I finally came around to thinking about my estate plans Thirteen came to mind immediately as a worthwhile recipient of support. I have decided to concentrate my support on Children’s and Educational programming, as I believe these programs further much needed early childhood development, and are fun to watch for children and adults as well. I would urge my fellow Thirteen viewers to think about the lasting value of a gift or bequest, and strongly consider joining me as a Legacy Society member.

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